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About Defender Packs and Gear, LLC.

What's in your Bag!

Defender Packs & Gear was formed and is operated by dedicated individuals who recognize the need for a single source or "one stop shop" for high quality rapid response and survival products.

Whether the need Is having the correct gear when you need it, all in one place in your police cruiser, or a grab and go pack full of the best items that can be found for any situation when rolling out on an emergency or disaster call; the task aggregating the best for your go gear from various suppliers and vendors around the world can be time consuming, costly and downright overwhelming.

Defender exists to help you assemble that gear at one reliable source regardless of the end use or service. From survival situations, serious "bug out bags" for home, vehicle or office, to first responder ready packs appropriate for every situation, Defender Packs & Gear exists to supply only the best in gear and packs, inside and out.